Sydney Harbour Bridge from the air. Credit: Rodney Haywood (Wikimedia)

Cycling in Sydney: Rain, hail or shine? (part 1) 4

Cycling in Sydney is becoming more popular – everyone knows that. Clover Moore has been putting in cycle paths left, right and centre, and lycra clad cyclists can be found whizzing throughout the city. Riding through the city on my way to uni in 2007 was an exercise in path-finding, obstacle avoidance and risk taking. […]

Beer and Crime: The beginnings of open data in Australia

Q: If Australia, a nation of former convicts and binge drinkers, decided to make government data publicly available, what do you think they’d put the most effort into? A: Crime statistics and beer excise rates, of course! Read to the end to find out how much beer Aussies are drinking a week… A series on […]



ABC’s “Vote Compass” and its preliminary findings

With all the fuss about data and prediction leaking across the Pacific Ocean from the USA’s latest elections, one thing we can be sure of is an increased interest in polls, statistics, and figuring out who’s going to win the election ahead of time. Vote Compass is an online questionnaire being run by the ABC, […]

Book Review – Nate Silver’s “The Signal and the Noise”

I just finished reading a great book, by Nate Silver (of FiveThirtyEight fame). With a title like “The Signal and the Noise“, you might expect a dry, intellectual read for stats heads or electrical engineers. Instead, what he delivers is a down to earth analysis of pretty much every “hot topic” involving prediction (sport, weather, […]


Storytelling with Data: IPython Notebooks

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I almost exclusively use python for all my data science needs. Parsing, processing, machine learning, GUIs and visualisation. After using the numpy/scipy/matplotlib/ipython ecosystem for a while, I was recently surprised to discover something new: IPython Notebooks. After a few weeks of using them for a couple of projects, […]

Turning python code into windows applications

Building Standalone Applications I’ve found a number of times that to share my work, or develop a tool, most of my users haven’t been the types to have the time or the inclination to install python and it’s dependencies first. Add to that issues around library versions, and it quickly becomes a nightmare. I’ve found […]

Putting the pieces together - a basic plot using ipython, numpy and matplotlib

Tools of the Trade: A python based setup for scientific computing

Over the years I’ve spent playing with data, I’ve come to realise that there’s no single tool that can do everything for you. There is something that comes pretty close, however – python. Aside from being a great general purpose language, python has a huge (and growing) support base building open source libraries for scientific […]